Dive into Me

the evolution of intentional isolation often leaves me floating in the shallow oblivious to the rising and the setting sun what starts as purpose fades to peace desire for introspection wades at reflection contentment rides the ebb and flow, no wake consecutive rests induce willful rumination ponders the depths and churns the memories discovers growth,Continue reading “Dive into Me”

The Price of Beauty

Art by Ariel Cruz / Poem by Lori Minutoli Lipstick smears across her cheek Her tiny fingers can’t hold steady Still she paints the required mask  Bold eyes make men and women look Plump red lips brings them closer Smooth cheeks makes them touch  Everywhere this is the message From toddlers to teenagers Models toContinue reading “The Price of Beauty”


Art by Richard Goulis / Poem by Lori Minutoli Chosen to be Condemned Planted as seeds of desire His curious mind entwined In the idea of complexity Wrapped in natural tendencies Reaching for independence  Striving to be free They just wanted to be free To grow naturally in their own beauty But he weaved theirContinue reading “Condemned”