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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

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Dive into Me

the evolution of intentional isolation often leaves me floating in the shallow oblivious to the rising and the setting sun what starts as purpose fades to peace desire for introspection wades at reflection contentment rides the ebb and flow, no wake consecutive rests induce willful rumination ponders the depths and churns the memories discovers growth,…

Hair Baubles

A poem inspired by the art of Nafis M White entitled “All In” She lights up the classroom Bright hair ties like flowers Balls of pink, yellow and white Some big some small She wears them all My fancy friend Done up so pretty Now I got me some  Wanna be just like her Split…

7 Messages in 7 Days

Two weeks into my new position as an assistant store manager, more specifically customer experience manager, I was scheduled to work seven days in a row.  One of my peers told me I couldn’t do it and I should switch my schedule with someone to have a day off in the middle.  I took it…

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