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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

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7 Messages in 7 Days

Two weeks into my new position as an assistant store manager, more specifically customer experience manager, I was scheduled to work seven days in a row.  One of my peers told me I couldn’t do it and I should switch my schedule with someone to have a day off in the middle.  I took itContinue reading “7 Messages in 7 Days”

Too Late To Ask

I wonder what she thought about while she sat at the narrow table attached to the wall in her galley style kitchen. Every morning she boiled water in a glass kettle on the stove and made coffee through a single serve pouch that hung in her cup. Wrapped in her bathrobe with slippers on herContinue reading “Too Late To Ask”

Stitch Ripper

We don’t notice the threads being woven together or consider even what goes into creating the fabric of our lives until it comes time to make alterations. When our choices no longer fit our preferences or become uncomfortable in our daily activities, habits, or thoughts- that’s when we stop to analyze the situation. That isContinue reading “Stitch Ripper”

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