Hair Baubles

A poem inspired by the art of Nafis M White entitled “All In”

She lights up the classroom

Bright hair ties like flowers

Balls of pink, yellow and white

Some big some small

She wears them all

My fancy friend

Done up so pretty

Now I got me some 

Wanna be just like her

Split my hair in two

Straight line down the middle

But wait, why is the elastic in two

How do I put this on my hair

Round and round and round it goes

In and over I did it but ewww

Maybe another one 

She wears two

Now they won’t stay

But I want to go play

Want to show my friend

My hairdo today

They just fell on the floor

I’m not pretty anymore 

I wonder how many colors she has

And why they stay in her hair

Maybe her mom can do my hair

Just like hers 

Maybe I’ll ask

What could she say

My friend said I can’t come over

Not to her house not today

Her mom’s real busy and G-mom too

One’s at the stove stirring a pot

One’s at the table mending men’s socks

Her dad comes home late

Uncle’s in the yard he’s working real hard

I handed my hair ties to my friend

She said they can’t go in my hair

She ran in her house and came back out

A ribbon and an elastic in her hand

Gathered my hair all in one hand

Piled it up high and tied it with a bow

Looked me in the face and said “pretty”

Let’s go!

©️Lori Minutoli 08/21/2020

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