7 Messages in 7 Days

Two weeks into my new position as an assistant store manager, more specifically customer experience manager, I was scheduled to work seven days in a row.  One of my peers told me I couldn’t do it and I should switch my schedule with someone to have a day off in the middle.  I took it as a challenge and determined to work through it. Honestly, I was worried that my body wouldn’t hold up since each day I work puts a lot of strain on my feet and legs, a day off to rest usually helps. I decided to journal with the Bible each day to see what God might have to say to me.  I have a daily bible with the month and day portioned to read the entire bible in one year.  I began by turning to January 22 to begin. (Everything I type below is a summary in my own words of the things that spoke to me.  This is in no means a bible study. This is my testimony of God seeing me.)

Day 1

Genesis 39:2 

  • The Lord was with Joseph
  • he became a successful man
  • Joseph found favor in his master’s sight
  • Joseph got promoted
  • He was put in charge of everything 
  • the Lord blessed everything because of Joseph

Psalm 12:6-8

  • the Lord will guard us and protect us

Day 2

Matthew 14:22-31

  • Don’t doubt God’s visions or plans
    • Peter walked on water

Day 3

Psalm 14:2

  • God looks to see who is wise- those who seek him
    • that’s what I’m doing
  • God is with those who are righteous
    • trying to do the right thing everywhere
  • sinners frustrate the plans of the affected
    • Many people came against me at work today
  • the Lord is his refuge 
    • Prayed “Lord keep me straight”

Matthew 15:28

  • Woman, your faith is great-let it be done for you as you want
    • daughter healed instantly
    • I just want to succeed at my new job

Day 4

Psalm 15:2

  • The one who lives 
    • honestly, 
    • practices righteousness
    • Acknowledges the truth in his heart
  • can dwell with God

Day 5

Psalm 16:5

  • Lord you are my portion
  • my cup of blessing
  • You hold my future

Proverb 3:18

  • Those who hold onto wisdom are happy

Day 6

Psalm 16:8,11

  • I will not be defeated ON GOD!!!
    • because I keep the Lord in mind always
    • because He is my right hand
    • people told me xyz are trying to make me fail
  • You reveal the path of life to me
  • in your presence is abundant joy

Prayer: “On You, Oh My Lord, my eyes have been opened!!! Forgive me and create in me a pure heart, wash me white as snow. Please resolve …this issue with …please lift my countenance don’t let me crumble under pressure”

Day 7

Genesis 50:20

  • ​Man planned evil against me
  • God planned it for good
    • The entire week was attacks against me
    • the entire week I survived and never caved

​Psalm 17:3

  • ​I have determined that my mouth will not sin!!!
  • my steps are on your path


  • Maintain for your competence and discretion
    • I am able to succeed
    • I learned the value of guarding my mouth
      • not by anything I said but witnessed


On my two days of rest:
Psalm 17:8 ​​

  • ​Guard me
  • as the apple of your eye

​Proverbs 3:26

  • The Lord will be your confidence
  • keep your foot from a snare

In conclusion, I am constantly amazed at how God knows exactly what I’m doing and keeps me encouraged along the way. This is personal to me.  I’m sharing because there are some people who may need to be reminded that God is still very present.  Additionally I post so that I may remember.  Should I ever forget, I can always come back here and  see what the Lord hath done.

It’s hard to convey the emotions I felt while reading scripture each day.  Maybe it’s not meant to explain.  Just know, I believe and God is still amazing and doing great things in my life.  Praise the Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord!​​

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