My People (redefined)

My People (redefined)

I recently referred to a bunch of women I just met as “my people” and in the moments I am with them and we are doing “our thing” they are my people. However, it doesn’t mean I am of the same mindset as them on all things.

I have been at cookouts with people and have been referred to as “sista and auntie” though I am not family by blood, they have accepted me and I call them “my people.”

I have been in groups of co-workers and have felt a sense of connection. I refer to these as “my (work) people.”

I have been at concerts with strangers who vibe with the music I do and I completely feel like they too are “my people.”

Let me not forget poets! These are for real “my people” because they get the heart and soul of me and I, them.

I have been at BLM marches and know without a doubt that these are “my people.”

No matter what we (you the reader and I) connect on, no one is “my people” 100% of the time. Each one has his/her place in my life. To keep these boundaries clear and defined allows me the ability to connect deeply with people in the moments. It also protects me from giving anyone the space to judge me entirely, or wholly.

Likewise, I won’t judge you entirely for your life choices, will not hate you for our differences, but will in fact separate myself from those that don’t sit well with my soul.

I have been silent on social media about Black Lives Mattering because the constant posting I was doing became too heavy for me. I am still, continually, and daily aware of what’s going on in their world. Yes, their world because life is different if you’re black in America.

My heart was forever changed when I understood what has been the life of Black people since the beginning of “America.” I’ve done the research and I’ve heard the first hand stories. I’ve seen the fear in their eyes and the different ways they have to live just to not get killed. I’m with them! I will always stand with them and others who do not have the privilege to experience freedom in America.

No matter where we connect, no matter what circle you and I are in, I am ALWAYS linked arm in arm with my Black friends and family. I will always stand up for them.

This post serves to redefine what I mean when I say “my people.”


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