Dancing in the Moments

Do you hear it?

The music is beautiful. The sounds of life around me playing the soundtrack to this new journey I’m on. The voices of people, no matter what they are saying, all contribute, even the negative outbursts of those unknown add a deep beat to the track and give me something to rise up from. It’s a matter of perspective to be honest. It is refreshing and restoring to finally be able to declare that I am happy!

A deep indwelling of acceptance from my belief that God does in fact still love me, that I can still have a relationship with Him no matter what anyone else thinks or says. I still believe in Jesus and in the redeeming power of His love.

Acceptance is also believing I am worthy of every good and righteous gift that comes my way. Blessings of untold value are bestowed upon me and I receive them with thanksgiving.

To find love, to be loved, to be accepted in all my ways, as I am, is an experience I am enjoying. It is part of what makes me dance in happiness. Some things I’ve never experienced before are creating new and mysterious excitement in my life.

You see, I’ve reached this point where I am finally starting to understand that my worth is not dependent upon what others say about me. Imagine 50 years on this earth and I’m just now getting this. Now, the voices of people just add sounds to the music my heart is creating as a song. Love, in all ways, is writing a beautiful soundtrack that my soul is dancing to, in all of the moments, no matter where I am.

Welcome Summer- June 21, 2021

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