Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Always Matter!

What is going on in the world hurts my heart. I feel surrounded by people who do not care about the imminent danger to BIPoC everyday. I try to imagine what it is like to constantly be in fear for your life simply because of the color of your skin. I try but I cannot fully imagine. I listen to the heart cries of my friends when they express their frustrations with systemic racism, hateful humans, whiteness, white supremacy, white fragility, white everything.

I read books to understand. I listen to feel the pain while they mourn. I cry. I am creating a place for me to share my thoughts and feeling about this because there is no safe space in my world to discuss the importance of Black Lives Mattering. There is too much hate around me. I am outnumbered by white people who are racists.

As I write my thoughts as an introduction to my new website, I feel safe. I feel like my words have a home. To my Black and Indigenous People of Color friends and neighbors- I LOVE YOU.

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