Lori Minutoli    

Writer, Poet, Artist 

Lori Minutoli


A self-published author of faith based stories with a biblical slant to lyrical poetry with a sensual edge.  Always sharp with her words, Lori's thoughts have a way of getting under your skin.  She is enjoying the single life now with her grown children nearby. When not at work she is painting or working on a new book.

As of January 2020 Lori opened up Pawtucket Poetry Open Mic Spoken Here in her art studio in Pawtucket, RI.  An intimate space for poets to share their poetry.  Due to Covid restrictions, the studio was closed from March thru July.  After reopening it was quickly decided to hold off further events until September.

Pawtucket Poetry can be found on Facebook and Instagram @pawtucketpoetry

My Books

My latest book of poetry, prose, and thoughts written over the last four years.  These are the wanderings of my mind after I left the ultra-conservative life I had for 21 years- married and raising a family within the rules and roles of the church. Once out on my own after a long overdue divorce, I felt like I had been released to the wild ways of the world.  Most of the writing contained in this book was hidden from the people that knew me- family, church folks, community people.  The writing is very expressive and human, dealing with deep emotions, thoughts and situations.  Almost 400 pages of a body of work representing the ups and downs and sideways places my mind wandered. 

This book along with others are available in Kindle version and paperback at Amazon.

Poets in Love is a collaboration between pen named poets: HellionSaint and PVT421 later renamed Lora Makanani (me.) This book is filled with true poems we wrote to each other and posted online. It is part of my history and I no longer wish to keep it a secret. It’s beautiful poetry.  If you read my latest book “Released to the Wild” you will learn something about the pen name Lora Makanani.

Available on Amazon (search Hellion Saint author) I own the publishing rights and get the royalties.
Thank you.

This book contains all of the content from my website before I re-purposed it.  All of my faith-based blog posts were downloaded onto a disc and then uploaded into a book.  They are deeply spiritual bible-based stories and testimonies including scripture references. These are part of my history from when I was married and living an ultra-Christian-conservative lifestyle.  These are my memories kept forever between the pages of this beautiful book.

It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

This book started as a bi-weekly story submission to a start-up digital literature publishing website.  I never intended for it to be a book, however, several people wanted to read my stories but could not subscribe online.  It was for them that I collected the stories and published them as a book. 

As you can see in the reviews on Amazon, it doesn't read smoothly as a novel, understandably.  It is deeply personal to me though, as I was in a similar situation to the main character in this fictional story. The time has not yet come for me to tell my real story, so if you are curious about my writing, please buy my book. Your support is encouraging and appreciated. (Kindly remember this was my first self-published book and there are a couple of mistakes in the book. I am aware of them. Thank you.)

Kaleidastorm is available on Amazon.